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Alana Tran (The Celebrant) will:

1. Provide Registered Marriage Celebrant services to the Marrying Couple (the Parties) in accordance with her Code of Practice.

2. Attend and conduct the marriage ceremony at the agreed time, date and place.

3. If unable to conduct the ceremony for any reason, the parties will be advised as soon as practicable and all reasonable efforts will be made by the Celebrant to arrange for the ceremony to be completed by another registered marriage celebrant.

4. If unable to perform the marriage ceremony, The Celebrant will:

(a) Pass the Notice of Intended Marriage to the replacement marriage celebrant in a timely and appropriate manner. The Celebrant will transfer any booking fees or deposits to the new Celebrant.


5. The Celebrant will prepare and provide the ceremony script to the Parties one month before the wedding date, excluding the information that has been agreed to keep private until the ceremony such as the ‘Love Story’ (based on the Couples Questionnaire) and Personal Vows.


6. The Celebrant will send the Parties a copy of the complete ceremony script, a copy of the Parties' vows and their responses to the Couples Questionnaire within two weeks after the ceremony.


7. The Celebrant will provide The Parties with relationship services in their local area in person or via email. 



8. The Celebrant’s fee must be paid in accordance with the invoice provided, namely:

(a) A non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit/booking fee to be paid to The Celebrant's bank account immediately upon confirmation that The Celebrant will be conducting your wedding ceremony. This is to cover lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage, and all preparation work taken by the Celebrant for the ceremony.

(b) Remaining balance of fee in clear funds by direct deposit to Celebrant’s nominated bank account no later than 30 days prior to the wedding day.


(c) The fee may be paid by an alternative method as agreed in writing with the Celebrant; and

(d) If full payment has not been made to the Celebrant in accordance with these terms then the Celebrant will not attend the ceremony.


(e) If the Parties choose to cancel the booking with the Celebrant for any reason prior to the ceremony, no further payment will be required but the booking fee will not be refunded. Any payment over the booking fee will be refunded.


(f) If the ceremony must be rescheduled due to Government or other restrictions beyond the Parties’ control, the Celebrant will transfer the booking to a mutually convenient date with no additional fees required. Ask the Celebrant about the circumstances for proceeding with a legal ceremony on the planned date (if permitted by restrictions) and holding another ceremony with all guests at a later date.


9. The Celebrant will prepare legal documentation for the Parties and lodge these within 14 days of the wedding with Births Deaths Marriages VIC.


10. The Celebrant must be provided with all original documentation requested no later than 7 days prior to the wedding day, including any accredited translation documentation requested by the Celebrant. 

11. If the Parties fail to provide all documentation requested to the Celebrant no later than 7 days prior to the wedding day, the Celebrant will not attend the ceremony and fees paid will not be refunded.


12. The Celebrant must be provided with accurate information, the penalty for making a false declaration is four years imprisonment.


13. For The Whole Shebang ceremonies where couple's questionnaires are filled out, these are required to be completed by the Parties at least 3 months prior to the ceremony so that the celebrant is able to write her script. Should the questionnaires not be completed promptly, The Celebrant will present a ceremony which she feels best represents the couple.


14. The Celebrant must be advised immediately in writing of any change to the time, date or place of the marriage ceremony. The Celebrant reserves the right to terminate the agreement and retain the booking fee/deposit should he/she be unable to conduct the ceremony due to the change.


15. If the ceremony is to be changed to the alternative venue due to inclement weather, then one of the Parties is to inform the Celebrant personally by telephone by a time nominated previously by the Celebrant in writing to ensure the Celebrant has sufficient time to travel to the alternative venue.


16. The Celebrant will arrive at the venue at least 1 hour prior to the agreed start time. The Celebrant will agree to stay at least 30 minutes after the conclusion of the ceremony.


17. Notice of cancellation of ceremony must be given by the parties to the Celebrant in writing at least 30 days in advance of the booked wedding date and the Celebrant will retain the full deposit.


(a) 14-29 days notice 50% of balance will be payable by the Parties in lieu of loss of earnings for Celebrant.


(b) 13-8 days 75% of balance will be payable by the parties.


(c) If less that 7 days notice given 100% of balance will be payable by the parties as all paperwork will have been prepared ready for Ceremony and Registry.

18. The celebrant reserves the right to leave the place of the Marriage ceremony 20 minutes after the agreed start time if both parties have not arrived or the ceremony cannot proceed for any reason outside the Celebrant’s control.


(a) In the event of the above occurrence, the Parties will liaise with the Celebrant to mutually agree on a later time and place for the Celebrant to solemnise the marriage for an extra fee, payable in advance.


(b) If the ceremony is delayed through no fault of the Celebrant which results in the Celebrant incurring extra charges such as parking fees, the Parties will pay the Celebrant’s further costs.

Intoxication and Medications:

19. The parties are not to arrive at the ceremony appearing to be inebriated or under the influence of any other substance, otherwise the Celebrant is lawfully not authorised to solemnise the marriage; and Judgment as to inebriation or the Parties being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is at the Celebrant’s sole judgment;

(a) The Celebrant must be advised as soon as practicable if either of them is taking prescribed medication which may change their demeanour on their wedding day.


20. Two official witnesses must be aged 18 or over and appear sober and not under the influence of any other substance in the sole judgment of the Celebrant, otherwise alternative official witnesses must be used.

PA System:

21. The use of the Celebrant’s PA system is subject to favourable weather conditions and will not be used in any circumstances where the PA unit may be exposed to harm, either by persons or the elements. Judgement to be at the Celebrant’s sole discretion.

(a) Where the Celebrant’s PA system is used, the Celebrant undertakes to use her best endeavours to ensure that the PA is fully charged, functional and tested prior to the ceremony, however the Parties acknowledged that inanimate equipment may malfunction from time to time and should the PA fail at any time prior, during, or after the ceremony, the Celebrant will not be held responsible.


Permission to Use Images:


22. The Parties give express permission for sole use of images for The Celebrant to use on platforms such as social media, websites and marketing material. It is up to the discretion of The Parties to advise The Celebrant should there be any issues with this.



23. The Celebrant has explained the legal requirements for entering into a marriage, and the parties must agree to comply with their obligations as requested by the Celebrant, If this is not understood in any way the Parties must make this known to the Celebrant on reading these Terms and Conditions.


24. The Celebrant has a Public Liability insurance policy and will take all precautions within her control to ensure that the site and conditions pose no risk to any person attending the ceremony.


25. If you have any questions about this Client Service Agreement, please contact Alana Tran directly.

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