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As a celebrant, I travel far and wide to get you both legally hitched. And I have definitely seen some of the best wedding venues in Melbourne and Victoria that I can wholeheartedly recommend to have that dream wedding you have always wished and hoped for. Here is only 10 of a large handful of venues I would happily recommend to anyone looking to tie the know in style! These are in no particular order, they are all amazing, it is a shame I can only choose 10!

1. Zonzo Estate Winery

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Zonzo!

Zonzo holds a very special place in my heart. From the beautiful ceilings, which are at cathedral height, and the luscious landscapes and picturesque views, Zonzo Estate is one of Yarra Valley's finest venues. Not only are the views amazing, but so is the staff, the food, and the overall adrenaline you feel when you step foot in one of the most stunning venues out there. If you give them a call, I promise you will be greeted with nothing but attention to detail, people who really listen to your desires, and most of all, an experience you will remember for the rest of your lives!

2. Barn Events

I cannot recommend Barn Events enough! On the day of this particular wedding of Nicole and Ryan, the rain decided that their outdoor ceremony was no longer an option, and we moved the ceremony indoors. There was no issue with this, and the lovely staff were so accommodating to moving the ceremony indoors. Everything was perfect about this day, and the best part was knowing that there was no issue with the ceremony due to the amazing wet weather plan we had in place. If you are looking for a venue with amazing lighting whether it is inside or outside, or something that you will never regret when choosing your dream venue!

3. Glasshaus

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Glasshaus Brucke!

Glasshaus is very unique in that it has 3 distinct venues; Brucke (which is pictured of me performing the ceremony for Danielle and Andrew), Inside and Outside. What I also love about this venue is they are multi-faceted in that they also provide florals, so if you book the venue in, you don't have to travel far at all to get some amazing flowers for your ceremony as well. The team work closely together with the couple to ensure that your day is everything you have ever imagined, and even got in touch with me beforehand to introduce themselves, so you know they are big on making sure your day is perfect and stress-free!

4. Riverstone Estate

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Riverstone Estate!

I love a good trip to the Yarra Valley, and what better place than Riverstone Estate! This is a particularly great venue if you are looking for a more intimate setting, with around 70 people or less as it accommodates well to this, but could always work with more if you had a cocktail style of wedding. Being among the beautiful views and greenery automatically puts you at ease and is a great place to tell a romantic and emotional story. I also love the staff, especially how accommodating they are when I was both celebrant and MC, it just made for a beautiful experience. I cannot recommend them more!

5. Carousel

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Carousel!

If you ever want to venture towards the city and are looking for that dream venue, Carousel may just be the one! With beautiful river views on the deck and immaculate lighting (I mean, look how amazing this photo of Jess and Ric turned out!) you can be assured that Carousel is the one. I was always drawn to its inviting vibe, and the fact that it can easily accommodated 150 guests with no issues at all. The catering was also incredible as they are working with Food and Desire, which is one of my favourite catering companies to work with! If you are looking for a venue which literally ticks all the boxes, then Carousel might be for you!

6. Aunty Kim's

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Aunty Kim's!

I have always been drawn by a venue which has moody lighting and a classic appeal to it. So it was only natural that I would be recommending Aunty Kim's on this list! Draped in Collingwood's finest location, it boats amazing catering, a very decorative bar area and a lovely space for your imitate or larger ceremony. What I also love about Aunty Kim's is that is it an exclusive venue only space, meaning that they do events full-time and you can be rest assured that they are looking out for your best interests at your event, and it is their sole focus. I am excited to be back at Aunty Kim's again, so hopefully it may be you I am marrying here!

7. Yering Farm Wines

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Yering Farm Wines!

Back to Yarra Valley again (I do love more than a few trips here, kind of like a second home) and we are at Yering Farm Wines this time. Immediately what draws your attention is the beautiful endless vines in the background. The most picturesque backdrop for your stunning ceremony. They also have a wonderful wet weather plan if you happen to find yourself marrying on a rainy day, and it is always so important to choose a venue that can accommodate to this. The barrels are also a beautiful touch for a rustic wedding. I have been here twice now, and am hoping to return for many more beautiful weddings!

8. The Old Church Red Hill

Me performing a wedding ceremony at The Old Church Red Hill!

There are so many beautiful church settings in Victoria, and in Red Hill you will find exactly that, The Old Church Red Hill! I had the biggest honour of Marrying Karen and Jun here for my 50th ceremony, and what a beautiful setting it was. One thing to mention is this particular venue is one which is quite intimate, which can accommodate about 50 guests comfortably as there are limited seats Inside the church, but if your guests don't mind standing for the ceremony, it could definitely accommodate more! This was a ceremony I will never forget, and was made even more beautiful that it was at the perfect venue!

9. Deloraine Homestead

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Deloraine Homestead!

Up Yarra Valley way again, we have the beautiful Deloraine Homestead. One thing I love about this particular venue is it is very DIY, so if you have a certain vision in mind, you will be able to meld it to suit your vision and preferred tastes. Like Teresa and Curtis, the arbour and florals were all to their taste and I was able to blend in with the scenery as they requested. Fun fact, when it is hosting weddings, this venue can be a bed and breakfast place to have a lovely romantic getaway or just time to unwind away from the big city! A venue to recommend for weddings, and also for the honeymoon!

10. Divino Ristorante at Mandala Wines

Me performing a wedding ceremony at Divino Ristorante at Mandala Wines

Finally (but certainly not least) we are back at the Yarra Valley again at the beautiful DiVino Ristorante. Another venue with beautiful rows of vines that are great for photo opportunities together. I was celebrant and MC at Jessy and Sangil's wedding, and the food was some of the best I have had at any wedding! The great thing is this is also a restaurant of course, so during the week if you wanted to sample the food with your loved ones, it is a great excuse to travel to Yarra Valley and try something fantastic to eat. I cannot recommend this venue enough, and I really meant it when I said these were in no particular order!

Here are the websites of all the amazing venues I have mentioned in this post, and the photographers who took the photos! 1. Zonzo (photo by

5. Carousel (photo by My Scandi Style)


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