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Nicole and Matt

February 18th, 2023. Montsalvat and Eltham Community and Reception Centre.

This was such a fun wedding, and one I was so honoured to be a part of! Nicole and Matt's theme was enchanting and elegant, with ethereal vibes all throughout. The ceremony was at the amazing Montsalvat, which was the perfect structure for a celebration such as this!

What I loved about this wedding was Nicole and Matt has the amazing Mickey and Michelle on violin and harp, which brought that enchanting energy that we absolutely adored!

It was then time to start the ceremony! You will notice that I like to do a warmup, this is to let the crowd know about how long the ceremony will run, if they are allowed to have phones during the ceremony or not (in this case, phones were not allowed during the ceremony) and any other important aspects before the ceremony starts.

It was then time for Nicole to walk down the aisle and meet Matt! Nicole decided to have both of her parents walk her down the aisle, which was such a beautiful sentiment, and something that I loved.

It then came time for the love story, and the way I do this is by standing on the side. I love to make sure that all the moments you feel are truly felt without me standing in your way. You deserve to feel all the emotions with your own personal space!

After such a beautiful and emotional love story, it came time for the vows! I stood there to be with them and to hold the mic for them both so everyone could hear their beautiful words to each other. There was laughter, tears, and a whole lot of love!

It then came time to exchange rings, and it is a choice if you would like to do this or not. If you do, definitely have fun with it and a bit of a laugh, these rings after all are a symbol of your love!

It then came to the moment we have all been waiting for, the kiss! Of course, I always make sure to get right out of the way and announce it to everyone, just to make sure that this moment is completely yours with the beautiful backdrop, and not a view of me behind your intimate moment!

And before we knew it, Nicole and Matt were married!

But the day was not over, and I had the honour of being MC at Nicole and Matt's reception at Eltham Community and Reception Centre! It was set out so beautifully, I was in awe of the florals and the attention to detail.

There were so many amazing things that happened during the reception; there were speeches, a bouquet toss, a first dance and cutting of the cake! Here is an example of how it all went down!

Cutting the cake:


First dance:

Bouquet throw:

It was SUCH a fun day, and I couldn't thank Nicole and Matt enough for allowing me to be a part of it!

Photos reproduced with permission from the couple, Nicole and Matt, and the photographer Mighty Vision.

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