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Melissa and Holly

April 1st, 2023, Mordialloc Beach

I was so excited to be the celebrant for this beautiful wedding! It has everything, the beach, amazing views, and two beautiful ladies and their children, all whilst making their marriage official.

Whilst waiting for the couple to show up at the wedding, I generally like to chat to the guests, and ask how they are going, and if there is anything I can help with before the ceremony starts.

The beautiful thing about Melissa and Holly's wedding is both of the beautiful brides decided to walk down the aisle, being given away by their fathers. It was a lovely moment, and one I will cherish forever!

I also loved how their daughters were by their sides along with their bridesmaids. It is beautiful moments like this that make being a celebrant so rewarding.

It then came to their vows, and Melissa and Holly had some of the most beautiful vows I have ever heard. They were so heartfelt, filled with so much love, and you can really tell that these two ladies were meant to be together!

Only one thing left to do, seal their vows with a loving kiss, which I of course stepped out of the way for - you will not be seeing this celebrant in any of these intimate photos!

Melissa and Holly had such a blast, when they were walking down the aisle as wifeys for lifeys, you could tell how happy they were and how excited they are for the future, and it was the greatest honour to be a part of their special day as their celebrant!

Melissa and Holly had the help of two amazing photographers, and to capture their special day, and it was so special!

Photos used with the permission of the couple, Melissa and Holly, and photographers, Inanna Photography and NM Photography.

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