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Christina and Anthony

March 4th, 2023, The Conservatory, Fitzroy Gardens.

It was a very warm and beautiful March morning, and we were due for some amazing weather before Christina and Anthony's wedding at The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gardens (my first time there and I am sure it won't be my last)! We were all brimming with nervous anticipation on how the day will go, and if it was in fact, going to be TOO hot.

With the amazing florals and beautiful layout, this is truly a picturesque venue to have your wedding at.

As we eagerly awaited Christina and Anthony's arrival, the nerves were kicking in for everyone, including the celebrant! You would think that after doing so many weddings, the nerves would be at bay, but each wedding is different, and each couple is unique, that you can never truly have no nerves at any wedding, besides, it is a sign that shows you truly care! So everyone was gathering around and we were all ready for an epic celebration.

All that was really left to do was to get Christina and Anthony married! We waited in anticipation for these final moments before Christina made her entrance, and Anthony was definitely feeling the pressure, as you can tell by how nervous (or chill) he was!

The moment when the bride walks down the aisle is always one filled with such beauty and joy, that there really is no other way to describe it. Christina decided to walk down the aisle alone, and with such confidence and poise.

There is always something about the moment when the couple meet for the first time after the walk down the aisle, it really is something like no other.

Oh yeah, and then the celebrant turns up in a nice little action shot. You can tell I am in my element and absolutely just love what I do!

This was when we ended up doing the crowd vow, something that is very popular at weddings and as a celebrant, I encourage them and love when crowds get involved with a laugh and just have fun!

Christina and Anthony's wedding was so special as they had their good friend, Taylor, tell their love story for them, if this is something you are interested in doing at your wedding, we can definitely make that happen!

Then it came to the part that gets everyone a little bit teary-eyed, the vows! Christina and Anthony chose to write their own vows, which were so beautiful and heartfelt, and there were definitely a few tears shed by everyone (I almost cried as well)!

Another moment I love is the ring exchange, and grabbing them from the ring bearer, who ensured they were kept in very good hands until it came to that special moment (and please excuse my funny faces)!

There was only one thing left to do, the beautiful kiss from the amazing couple, it always gives me great joy to announce this moment, as it makes everything we have gone over all official and is also super fun!

It was then time for the signing, with a bit of a fun fact, this was before I used my iPad to sign the legal documents, so the cute folders were in full force! If you are keen to sign your documents like this and are not a fan of the Apple Pencil, let me know and I can bring back the binders!

Then at the finale, we did a beautiful bridge where the couple went under, which I always love at weddings! If this is something you are keen to do, we can definitely make it happen for you!

It was SUCH an amazing wedding! It was a feeling as if I were marrying two really good friends, and not just two epic people I met on the day.

These are the amazing suppliers who Christina and Anthony chose to bring their ceremony vision to life:

👰‍♀️ @meshki

Photos displayed proudly with the permission of the couple, Christina and Anthony, and the photographer, Ash Caygill (

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